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Battery cable

Battery cable can also be referred to as power cable and refers to power-intensive power transfer between a battery and a starter motor. The cable consists of a conductor in the form of copper wire and PVC insulation, and is a perfect alternative for situations that require a simple connection between a battery and a starter motor. For safety reasons, the current usually reaches a maximum of 60 volts. kräver en enkel anslutning mellan ett batteri och en startmotor. Av säkerhetsskäl brukar strömstyrkan uppgå till max 60 volt.

Where is the battery cable used? 

Battery cables or cables with coarser conductors are used in many different industrial applications, most often you might think of start-up or charging applications. The starter cable that should be each man’s property is a type of battery cable and the charging cable for the rechargeable car is another variant.


Assos Battery Cables Get More Benefits 

  • Own production with documented quality control
  • Highly-trained staff
  • Customized and flexible solutions
  • Fast Delivery
  • Battery cables that meet high industry requirements

We offer fast delivery of high quality battery cables

With our expertise, you get your battery cables with short lead time and optimal quality. Thanks to an efficient logistics system between our production units in Sweden, Poland and Asia, we can offer a wide range of battery cables at attractive prices. The cabling production is certified according to ISO 9002: 2008, our fitters work towards Standard IPC-A-620 – a quality assurance that shows that there is minimal risk of wiring errors. It gives you as a customer a sense of security. minimal risk för felaktigheter i kablaget. Det ger dig som kund en trygghet.

Cable assembly manufacturing

We supply cabling for any type of industry or purpose. Our customized cabling, industrial cables, wrapping wire and flat cables etc …
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Customer relations

We at ASSO value our customer relations, and we believe that long-term cooperation must be based on qualitative products, excellent service and promises kept.


By having parts of our cable production in Poland and Asia we can deliver complete and customized cabling at a good price without compromising on durability.

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You can find us in Sweden, Poland and China

ASSO Produkter AB has production units in Sweden, Poland and Asia.

Serial production and production with emphasis on large amounts of manual labor is most often done at our plant in eastern Poland.