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Cable trunks

By cable trunks is meant individual cables that are assembled into a larger bundle of interconnected trunks. The cable trunk can contain both conductors for power supply, communication and control. The cable trunk is usually equipped with different types of connections and protective covers where needed. The design of the connections is determined by the environment in which the cable harness is to sit. One of the advantages of the completed cable harness is that it can be installed quickly and that it is checked and approved after installation.

Where are cable trunks used?

Cable trunks are common in engine compartments of cars, but are also found in wheel loaders, trucks, gas pumps, coin-operated machines and in many other places.


Benefits of Assos cable trunks

  • Fast and secure deliveries
  • Own factories with the latest technology
  • Wiring products that meet high industry requirements
  • Attractive prices
  • High competence and service sense

Asso is your complete supplier of high quality cable trunks

Asso has extensive experience in everything from simple cable trunks to larger complicated solutions, regardless of type and design. 40 years in the industry means that our customized solutions facilitate the production process and improve our customers’ finances.

Manufacturing takes place in our modern production units in Malmö, Poland and Asia where the latest test equipment ensures a high quality of the cable trunks produced . Thanks to streamlined logistics and production flows that can be adapted as needed, we offer a very flexible production of cable trunks. In this way, you as a customer get a complete supplier of large and small volumes, and a reliable and competent partner.

Cable assembly manufacturing

We supply cabling for any type of industry or purpose. Our customized cabling, industrial cables, wrapping wire and flat cables etc …
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Customer relations

We at ASSO value our customer relations, and we believe that long-term cooperation must be based on qualitative products, excellent service and promises kept.


By having parts of our cable production in Poland and Asia we can deliver complete and customized cabling at a good price without compromising on durability.

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You can find us in Sweden, Poland and China

ASSO Produkter AB has production units in Sweden, Poland and Asia.

Serial production and production with emphasis on large amounts of manual labor is most often done at our plant in eastern Poland.